Agosto, Agosto, ano nga bang ibig sabihin mo? Maaari nating itanong kung wala tayong ideya. Kung wala nga, ito ang isang sanaysay, kung saan mabibigyan kayo ng kahit kaunting kaalaman tungkol rito.

        Ang buwan ng Agosto ay ang Buwan ng Wika. Isang buwan, kung saan mas napapatatag ang ating pagkaPilipino at ang samahan natin bilang mga kapwa Pilipino. Sa ating Buwan ng Wika sa taong 2012, ang tema ay “Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng PagkaPilipino”. Ako pamandin ay isang mag-aaral sa isang simple, ngunit matagumpay na paaralang pansekondarya sa Pilipinas, ang Ilocos Sur National High school. Taon taon ay isa kami sa maraming eskuwelahan sa buong mundo na nagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika. Nagkakaroon kami ng iba’t ibang mga programa at gawain tulad ng mga contests. Nagkakaisa tayo sa iisang wika, ang wikang Filipino, at sa iisang layunin, ang patatagin ang ating bansa.

       Sa pamamagitan ng iba’t ibang mga gawain sa ating eskuwelahan kung saan tayo ay dumadalo at sumasali, napapatibay natin ang ating pinakamamahal na wika. At kung ang wikang ito ay tunay ngang pinapahalagahan, mas mapapalakas ang ating pagkaPilipino, ang ating pagkamakabayan. Kaya dito ngayon tayo magsimulang muling magpatibay. Kaya’t sama na! Tara na at makibahagi sa okasyong ito.





To the world, you might be just one person.

But, to one person, you might be the world.

♥ Francheska Marquit ♥

I am a simple girl with a caring heart

A heart that can be easily torn apart

As happy as a monkey I will be

As sweet and adorable like a candy

A daughter of a VP of a state university

My mom is a professor, absolutely

I got a sister who is a brilliant woman

And a pair of twin brothers as cool as I am

I say the truth, I do not lie

As long as I can, I would still try

To achieve my dreams successfully

And exceed it, still, unexpectedly

I am on my way up to the rainbows

And slide down the colors to pots of gold

I mean, the happiest place on Earth

I’d have the most joyous voice anyone has heard

I don’t care if you hate me

It won’t bother ’cause I am free

I am a pretty young thing and I love myself

One that can be loved by everybody else

I am Francheska and I am smart

With a small body, but a big heart

I’m cute and happy as can be

So, convincing you, come and follow me! 🙂


The vegetables and fruits we eat, takes just minutes of chewing and swallowing, but a long time affection. Well, I mean, you start eating healthy fruits and leafy/ other vegetables and get engaged to it, your life would get longer. and probably, you get stronger, healthier and more physically fit, not only on the body but also to the mind.

I am a good eater of these essential food. I eat carrot, string beans, eggplants, jute leaves, bitter gourd or bitter melon, Kangkong, and all other veggies. But some, I don’t really like, though. Still, everyday I get 1-3 meal/s of vegetable recipes, because my dad is actually a vegetarian. He is a very smart man. he is very successful, of course. He is on of the vice presidents of a state university here in Vigan, and he is the youngest in history. My mom is a very intelligent professor of that state university, too. They are both very smart. My sister made it all the way with very high grades. After finishing her Chemistry in UP, she is now working, and studying again, striving to become a doctor. My twin brothers are intelligent, too. They are also very good in art, like professionals. Me? I am an intelligent student, a one who’s good in art, too. I am smart, and healthy 😉

After those meals, we eat desserts. Can be fruits or not. But most of the time, we take in fruits. My dad is convincing me, saying these will make me bright, beautiful and strong. So, I did. Well, do you see the outcome? ^^

Wanna be very good-looking, bright-minded, healthy and strong? No medicines to take in! Just a sack of veggies and a 2 large baskets of fruits! There you go – an easy and practical way to achieve a life of wealth. 🙂

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